BCA Support Services is a Registered Provider (RP) delivering 24 hour emergency housing with supported accommodation to female adults at risk of homelessness and domestic violence. We currently deliver housing and support across Birmingham, often to people with complex needs, this could include a history of abuse and mental health issues.

We have identified a culture of ‘best practice’ and want to introduce improved ways of working by demonstrating a professional and commercial mind-set with a focus on efficiency and value for money.

We Provide:

General care and supervision.

Direct Access Accommodation.

Safe and comfortable environment.

24 hours CCTV monitoring on all communal areas.

24 emergency accommodation.

24 hour call out.

Free Wifi in all areas.

Properties in Small Heath, Erdington, Selly Oak.

A bespoke support programme including welfare support, well-being and skills training.

We Specialise In:

Housing female adults who find themselves without a roof in Birmingham in supervised houses.We provide bespoke support to reduce social exclusion, empower and increase self esteem.

Along with our partners, our aim is to help our residents to realise the skills necessary towards leading an independent and fulfilled life.

Our mission

Working with people to make choices, achieve goals and take control of their lives through high quality care, training, mentoring, support and housing.

Our vision

BCA will be a leading provider of specialist support and care services for people with multiple needs, bridging the gap between social care, training, mentoring, health and housing. We will have a solid reputation as a growing, solution-focused social care business that draws on the best of the public and private sectors. We will work in partnership, embrace digital innovation and maximise our property assets to deliver high quality, outcomes-based services in line with our values.

What does supported living mean to BCA supported living is used to describe the arrangement whereby someone who already has, or who wants their own tenancy or own home, also has support from a “Care and Support” provider to help them live as independently and safely as possible. They will receive support and help with any aspects that are required to live an ordinary life as possible, this could be help with:

  • Managing bills and money
  • Cooking and healthy eating
  • Getting a job
  • Shopping
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Learning new skills for independence
  • Personal well-being
  • Managing medication
  • Accessing employment, sports and social activities

People who live in supported living arrangements can live in a variety of different settings for example: The support that an individual need is decided and planned with them directly and their family if they are involved. Usually an assessment is completed by a Care Manager or Social Worker and then the person is introduced to a provider who can support them if they so choose. Some people decide to take what is called a “Personal Independence Payment or Direct Payment” and find someone themselves to employ directly – with this comes responsibility for all aspects of the employee’s well-being and working arrangements that the local council can advise upon. If the individual chooses to have a support provider such as choice, then they will be introduced and matched to their support staff to ensure compatibility. The council will then pay the support provider direct and will monitor closely the service that the individual is receiving.

Our values

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. The success of our organisation and, crucially, the successes and outcomes of the people whouse our services, depends on our ability to deliver consistently excellent services that exceed expectations.

Unique Selling Point

BCA will provide a safe home felling in a supported accommodation. All our properties will be fitted with 24 hours recording and monitored CCTV equipment throughout its communal areas. CCTV systems are able to keep track of what is happening at the premises 24 hours a day 7 days a week. By monitoring the activity of workers, service users and visitors at our properties, given everybody total peace of mind about exactly what is going on. Each room will be fitted out with panic alarm systems, for the user looking to maintain independent living, they can do so with peace of mind. For the relatives or friends, whilst at work or living far away, they can also have peace of mind that your loved one is safe. Help is just the push of a button away. Gives more confidence to stay living in your own home for longer.